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Parents Hotline

EduKick Parent HOTLINE

EduKick President, Joey Bilotta first established EduKick back in 2001. And with over two decades of experience, he fully understands, and can quitter accurately anticipate the participating parents’ questions and concerns, particularly as it pertains to their child’s Health & Welfare. Afterall, he is also a father himself, with daughters18 and 24 years of age, and so he allows and expects all participating parents to contact him ANYTIME via text, mobile phone call or WhatsApp for immediate attention to ANY concern. Mr Bilotta, with his philosophy of allowing immediate access anytime to our parents, hopes ti instill trust and confidence in the parents and players so that the overall EduKick experience can be maximized and valued more fully.

Parent are encouraged to contact Mr. Bilotta directly with any questions:
Tel/WhatsApp: +1-289-2342-1143

Edukick Spain Facilities

EduKick Spain Football (Soccer) Academy is an elite Spanish football academy for international student-footballers. The academy is located in the Benalmadena (COSTA DEL SOL), with 320 days of sunshine each year, optimizing our players ability to train on quality grass pitches daily!