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Academy Football Player Profile Support

EduKick Profile Support

EduKick Profile Support is provided by initially combining the Soccer Life Coach Consultancy Services with EDUKICK affiliate Best Athletes’ “Soccer Profile” software.

The combination and guided advice provides assist the student-footballer to begin to build his “image” as a soccer player, beginning with most importantly initiating their soccer profile via the EDUKICK granted FREE access to the Best Athletes soccer platform then scheduling regular video consultation with EDUKICK President, Joey Bilotta, to design an action dedicated to the completion of the player’s personal soccer profile.

During these pre- scheduled video sessions EDUKICK consults, teaches, and advises the participating academy footballers in several ways, including but not limited to:

  • Creating and optimizing an attractive Soccer CV/ Resume
  • Maximizing the use of the Best Athletes software
  • Self-promotion with social media accounts dedicated only to their soccer image
  • Personal Soccer Profile combined with Academic profile strategies
  • Soccer Profile consultation specific for University soccer program search campaigns
  • How to build and optimize a You Tube Channel specific for enhancing one’s soccer profile
  • Importance of Soccer Video Highlights & full match videos

In summary, EDUKICK’s soccer profile video sessions are designed to teach the essential need for footballers to organize and systematically create and then maintain and update a professional soccer (and academic) personal profile.

EduKick also provides our academy players recruitment and scouting advice and how their now completely soccer profile is used to most efficiently in their effort to be scouted and recruited.

EDUKICK also advises and consults the younger footballer’s parents as to how they can best assist their children in maximizing personal soccer profile with then required sessions with the parents also present in order to then create sn action plan that is later reviewed, improved and expanded upon systematically.

The use of the Best Athletes software allows for much of what EDUKICK advises regarding personal soccer profile building.

EduKick is the only Football & Education Academy in the world to include this ground-breaking, high-level “soccer service” included in the soccer academy course tuition.

EDUKICK Soccer Profile consultation has the goal of providing professional, expert consultation, advice, and mentorship for the academy players (and their parents) as it relates to building their image as a footballer. And of course, EDUKICK also clarifies regularly that this concept is obviously supplemental to their regular soccer training commitment, but extremely important in gaining that all important slight advantage in the competitive world of football/soccer.

Edukick Spain Facilities

EduKick Spain Football (Soccer) Academy is an elite Spanish football academy for international student-footballers. The academy is located in the Benalmadena (COSTA DEL SOL), with 320 days of sunshine each year, optimizing our players ability to train on quality grass pitches daily!